If you want to book a trip for a group, please send us an E-Mail with your company name, street, postal code, country, city and a phone number! 

  • Terms and conditions for reservations and cancellations

    1. General

    For groups of 20 or more people, an advance booking is required. The reservation can be made in written form, by email, fax or online.

    2. Implementation of Reservation

    On behalf of the customer, SKGB GmbH is pleased to announce:
    • Travel day
    • Departure time and route (including roundtrip information and actual journey time)
    • Number of people
    • Contact person, contact address and telephone number

    Once SKGB GmbH issues the customer a written confirmation of the reservation, there is a legally binding commitment. Ticket prices will be announced upon request; these details are for information purposes only and are non-binding. The current ticket rates are valid at the start of the ride.

    3. Withdrawal by the customer

    a) After the conclusion of a contract

    ·         Should the scope of transport change and no longer be reasonable for the customer and/or

    ·         The stated fare be increased by more than 10%, SKGB GmbH is committed to inform the customer as soon as possible. The customer may then withdraw from the contract for free; but there are no grounds for damage claims against SKGB GmbH

    b) If the customer, for whatever reason, does not take advantage of the agreed services, the following shall apply:

    1.      In case of withdrawal from the agreed service no later than 1 week prior to the scheduled departure time, no cancellation fee will be charged

    2.      A one-time shift of departure time is free of charge, up to 24 hours before the agreed time. The new dates will be confirmed in writing by SKGB GmbH

    1.      In all other instances of resignation by the customer, the advertised fare is entirely due for payment. Notification of SKGB GmbH must be done in writing, by email or by fax

    4. Resignation of SKGB GmbH

    SKGB GmbH is exempt from the contract if the provided service is impossible to fulfill by force majeure. In such a case, the customer´s pre-paid fare would be refunded in full.

    5. Prior to Departure

    Reserved tickets must be picked up no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time at the SKGB ticket counter. If this is impossible, especially for tour groups, SKGB GmbH must be informed in a timely manner.

    If no such special arrangement is made before the departure time, SKGB GmbH is entitled to allocate the reserved seats to other customers in waiting. In this case, the next possible departure time with free capacity that day would be assigned. If customers, for whatever reason, do not claim their tickets, it will be considered as a last-minute cancellation.  The conditions spelled out above then apply.