Autumn Timetable SchafbergBahn Cog Railway


Please note that, from 30 September until 3 November 2019 (end of season 2019), the SchafbergBahn cog railway only runs as far as the Schafbergalm (1364 m). Due to construction work, rides all the way up to the Schafbergspitze are not possible! 

Information for rides to the Schafbergalm!

  • At the Schafbergalm, you will find an info hut (ticket desk), a refreshment hut (for beverages and small snacks) and portable WCs.  
  • Hikes around the Schafbergalm are possible without a problem for everyone.
  • Hikes to the top of the Schafbergspitze are possible – approximately 1 hour in each direction.


If you decide to hike to the Schafbergspitze, please note the following:

  • Please only use the marked hiking path!
  • Hiking away from the path is strictly prohibited!
  • Falling rocks represent a significant danger away from the path!
  • There are currently no toilets or refreshment businesses at the Schafbergspitze!
  • Hiking on or along the tracks of the Schafbergbahn is strictly prohibited!