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Autumn on Lake Wolfgangsee

Awe-inspiring experiences with the SchafbergBahn and WolfgangseeSchifffahrt

Due to its unmistakable fragrances and astonishing plays of light, autumn infuses the Salzkammergut with a unique vibrancy. Thanks to WolfgangseeSchifffahrt and the SchafbergBahn, you have a whole new way to discover the “golden season” which surrounds Lake Wolfgangsee: both by water and by land.

Ship, ahoy!

The WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries link the idyllic communities of St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl by water. Until 1 November, you will continue to be able to relax on board and explore the region flanking this emerald green lake. The WolfgangseeTicket is the ideal companion to do just that: With this ticket in your wallet, you can board and disembark one time at each of the 7 boat landings.

The current timetables can be found here.

Up high!

A ride on the SchafbergBahn cog railway is an extraordinary experience in its own right. When you arrive at the top of the 1783 m-high Schafberg, you are certain to be inspired by the one-of-a-kind 360° panoramas, with the Salzkammergut’s enchanting world of mountains and lakes right there before your eyes. The SchafbergBahn will continue carrying passengers to the summit of this striking mountain until 11 October. Due to construction work, from 12 October through 1 November the train will only run as far as the Schafbergalm halt at 1364 m above sea level.

The current timetables can be found here.

Online Tickets

Tickets for the cog railway and ferries can be purchased conveniently and contact-free online at

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App for the Wolfgangsee Ferries, SchafbergBahn, FestungsBahn Funicular and Mönchsberg Lift.

With our new Salzburg-Bahnen App, you will be able to immerse yourself even more deeply in the fascinating world of trains and ships operated by Salzburg AG! The SchafbergBahn and Wolfgangsee Ferries in the Salzkammergut region as well as the Mönchsberg Lift and FestungsBahn Funicular in the city of Salzburg will carry you to the most awe-inspiring lookout points and promise unforgettable experiences. Thanks to this app, you always have a great overview: ahead of time and once you are here.


  • Integrated audio guide for the SchafbergBahn and Wolfgangsee Ferries
  • Online ticketing
  • Current departure times for the SchafbergBahn and Wolfgangsee Ferries
  • Interactive overview map with locator function
  • Current weather information and live pictures
  • Bucket list
  • Latest info, news, events and much more

Links for download:

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Gift idea: LakeGourmet in Salzkammergut

Enjoyment ahoy!
Are you looking for a very special gift for your loved-ones? A gift certificate for our LakeGourmet events in 2020 is sure to be a big hit. 

Music, magic and fine drinks: Cast off for a culinary cruise with WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries. Atmospheric live music and a gourmet menu guarantee true moments of happiness on board. Crystal-clear Lake Wolfgangsee and the surrounding mountain world of the Salzkammergut provide a unique backdrop.

 Dates 2020

  • MagicGourmet: 11 July, 08 and 22 August 2020
  • GinGourmet: 25 July 2020
  • RumGourmet: 29 August 2020 
  • DanceGourmet: 12 September 2020 (new date)

Departure: 7 p.m., from the St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn boat landing, duration ca. three hours

Reservation required: T +43/6138/2232-0 or at




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WolfgangseeSchifffahrt Ferries: Extended Early-Season

Please note that the early-season has been extended until Friday, 26 June 2020. As of 27 June, the ferries will start operating according to the schedule of the high-season.


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Advent with Ship and Train

Advent Cruises on WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries

From 22 November until 22 December 2019, die WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries bring you to the three Advent villages St. Gilgen, Strobl and St. Wolfgang. From 25 December 2019 until 01 January 2020, the ferries also cruise on Lake Wolfgangsee. The detailed timetables can be found here. For festive events during Advent, check out our event highlights here

Advent Rides on the SchafbergBahn cog railway

From 22 November until 22 December 2019 (from Thursday to Sunday), you can enjoy the wintry Salzkammergut by taking a ride on the SchafbergBahn cog railway. The cog railway chugs through the winter forest up to the second siding at 1,015 m above sea level. The detailed timetable can be found here.

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Events during Advent

Take part in the festive Advent events on board the WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries. 

Lantern Cruise 

Enjoy an idyllic ride with WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries around the iconic light of peace lantern of Lake Wolfgangsee while getting to know more about chrimstmasy music and stories.

  • Dates November: 25 and 26. November 2019
  • Dates December: 02, 03, 09, 10, 16, and 17 December 2019
  • Price: € 7.00 per person
  • Departure: 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. each, St. Wolfgang Markt boat landing, duration ca. 35 minutes
  • Info: T +43/6138/2232-0,

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Autumn Timetable SchafbergBahn Cog Railway


Please note that, from 30 September until 3 November 2019 (end of season 2019), the SchafbergBahn cog railway only runs as far as the Schafbergalm (1364 m). Due to construction work, rides all the way up to the Schafbergspitze are not possible! 

Information for rides to the Schafbergalm!

  • At the Schafbergalm, you will find an info hut (ticket desk), a refreshment hut (for beverages and small snacks) and portable WCs.  
  • Hikes around the Schafbergalm are possible without a problem for everyone.
  • Hikes to the top of the Schafbergspitze are possible – approximately 1 hour in each direction.


If you decide to hike to the Schafbergspitze, please note the following:

  • Please only use the marked hiking path!
  • Hiking away from the path is strictly prohibited!
  • Falling rocks represent a significant danger away from the path!
  • There are currently no toilets or refreshment businesses at the Schafbergspitze!
  • Hiking on or along the tracks of the Schafbergbahn is strictly prohibited! 

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Nostalgia Season by train & ship

Travel like back in Imperial Times 


Vintage steam trains

Every Sunday (until 01 September 2019), the over 125-year-old steam-powered cog locomotives are in operation. Enjoy this special, nostalgic experience.

Ride up:

  • St. Wolfgang valley station: 9:30 a.m.
  • Schafbergspitze: 10:55 a.m.

Ride down:

  • Schafbergspitze: 1:25 p.m.
  • St. Wolfgang valley station: 2:50 p.m.


  • Adults: € 49,60
  • Children*: € 29,80


Nostalgic Paddle Steamer

Ferries have been running on Lake Wolfgangsee since imperial times. In 1873, the 33-meters-long paddle steamer Kaiser Franz Josef I was launched. Now as then, the nostalgic ship is in operation (daily in good weather until 1 September 2019) and guarantees an unforgettable journey through the wonderful Salzkammergut region. The ship travels between the piers in St. Wolfgang and St. Gilgen.


  • Please find the detailled timetable here.

Additional charge for journeys with the paddle steamer:

  • Adults: € 1,00
  • Children*: € 0,50


* ages 4 - 14

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Moonlight Rides

Evening mountain experience on the Schafberg

The setting sun and the rising full moon: Enjoy this impressive natural spectacle on the summit of the Schafberg, certain to leave you with lasting memories. 

Dates: 16 July, 15 August, 14 September 2019 

Departure from the valley terminal: 6 p.m.

Departure from the mountain terminal: 9:30 p.m.

  • incl. traditional welcome drink at Hotel Schafbergspitze
  • incl. live music by the „Graben-Riada"

Price: € 41,00

Reservation is required.




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First ascent of the SchafbergBahn already at 8:55 a.m.

Due to the wonderful weather, the Schafbergbahn will start its first ascent on Saturday, June 29 and on Sunday, June 30, already at 8:55 a.m.

From 6 July to 1 September, the SchafbergBahn's first ride will always take place at 08:55 a.m. (in sunny weather only).

Please find the detailled timetable here.



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SchafbergBahn will resume operation on May 17, 2019

After a short break due to adverse weather conditions, the SchafbergBahn will return to service beginning May 17. The Himmelspforte and Hotel Schafbergspitze can both be reached via pathways that have been cleared of snow. 

Please be aware of the following:

  • It is currently not possible to board or alight from the train at the Schafbergalm station.
  • Hiking paths to the Schafbergspitze are currently closed. Please comply with this closure for your own safety. 

Enjoy your ride!




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SchafbergBahn closed from May 12- 16 May


Due to recent weather conditions and the large amount of snow on Schafbergspitze summit, the SchafbergBahn will not operate from May 12-16, 2019. Service is expected to resume again on Friday, May 17, 2019.

Thank you for your understanding.



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New: the app for the SchafbergBahn & WolfgangseeSchifffahrt

With the Schafberg app, you can optimally plan your visit in advance, and on-site, it is the perfect travel companion. With numerous features, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the SchafbergBahn & WolfgangseeSchifffahrt.


  • Interactive overview map with location function
  • Integrated audio guide in 4 languages (german, english, mandarin and korean) and children’s version (only in german available)
  • Live images with 360° panorama of the summit and the lake
  • Snapshot function for fun selfies
  • Always up-to-date with train & ferry departure times, mountain & valley weather
  • Comprehensive info, FAQs, news, events and much more!

Google Play:


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Right in time for Mother’s Day, the last snow and ice will have been removed from the SchafbergBahn and nothing more will stand in the way of your excursion. The fleet of WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries gives you yet another option for an outing with the best mama in the whole world.

At least once a year when Mother’s Day comes around again, you have a marvelous opportunity to thank your mother for all she does and has done. For those of you planning to give her a special surprise, Salzburg AG has a number of excursion trips up its sleeve. For example, how about a trip to the top of the Schafberg? The ever-popular SchafbergBahn cog railway chugs practically all the way to the summit. In fact, it is the steepest cog railway in Austria and has been running from St. Wolfgang up the 1783 meters-high Schafberg since back in 1893. The train will begin its new season on 11 May, perfect timing for your Mother’s Day festivities. In just 35 minutes, the steam-powered cog locomotives carry passengers to the top of the mountain, traveling 1190 vertical meters and 5.85 km along the way. Even during the ride up, passengers are treated to spectacular views of the Salzkammergut region. And once you get to the top, you are able to enjoy some of the most glorious scenery in all of Austria. The lakes of the Salzkammergut glisten like magical jewels, each vying for your attention, while your eyes can roam all the way from the Bohemian Forest in the north to the Alps in the south.  

Welcome on board

If you are more in the mood for water rather than mountains, WolfgangseeSchifffahrt is likely to be the perfect choice for you. The fleet has been ferrying passengers back and forth between the idyllic communities of St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl for over 145 years. Each of the seven boat landings lends itself as the starting point for springtime strolls. In Ried, you will definitely want to discover Falkenstein Chapel, while we also recommend a visit to the pilgrimage church in St. Wolfgang, site of the famous Michael Pacher Altar. Strobl enchants visitors with its beautiful promenade, and in St. Gilgen you should definitely set aside some time to explore the house in which Mozart’s mother was born. Thanks to the new WolfgangseeTicket, you have the opportunity to board and debark at all the lake landings, making it the ideal companion for your journey of discovery on Wolfgangsee: on water as well as on land.



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Easter Ferry Service

Right in time for the Easter holidays, as of 18 April 2019 our fleet will once again be cruising the lake. Enjoy springtime on board of the WolfangseeSchifffahrt ships. 

The SchafbergBahn will begin chugging up the Schafberg again as of 11 May 2019.

Click here to view the WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferry timetables

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20th "Schafberg Run"

This traditional event pits man against machine and is considered as one of the toughest mountain races in Austria. Runners battle the 26% gradient as they attempt to overcome 1.240 vertical meters faster than the steam locomotives.

The Route

By starting at the bottom station of the Schafbergbahn at 9.30 a.m. (540 m) the time is running. Along the railway tracks the runner pass the Dorner and Schafbergalpe, always aimed at the peak of the Schafberg (1.730 m) forward. The track has a lot to offer, from lush green pastures on screes with numerous switchbacks and steep paths to vertical sloping rocks. Not the distance of 5.8 kilometers ensures tension, but the approximately 1.190 meters in altitude, some with gradients up to 26% to overcome. The athletes have to devide their forces. Whether this year the record could be broken again, the award ceremony at the Hotel Schafberg will show.



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Wedding, Birthday or Conference?

SchafbergBahn, WolfgangseeSchifffahrt and Hotel Schafbergspitze give seminars, conferences, meetings, corporate anniversaries, office outings, weddings and birthday parties a very special touch. For many years, our experienced team has planned, organized and coordinated complete events, and is even happy to take care of catering, if desired. Wedding and more

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Events in 2018

This year, yet again, the  SchafbergBahn & WolfgangseeSchifffahrt will offer a wealth of special events sure to appeal to big and small! Whether Beer & Dine on Wolfgangsee, the fun-filled Pirate Ship for kids, or a romantic Moonlight Ride up the Schafberg: There’s something certain to appeal to all tastes!

Information about upcoming events, dates and reservations!  

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