Ochsenkreuz, Hochzeitskreuz and Frauenstein

Between St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang, you will find the little bay at Fürberg with its iconic Ochsenkreuz (Ox Cross). This small wayside shrine dates from either 1579 or 1669 (sources are unclear). The shrine is located on a picturesque little island in the lake and tells the legend of a butcher and his ox.

The Hochzeitskreuz (Wedding Cross) dates from 1609 and is located below Falkenstein, slightly above the lake. It is said that a wedding party wanted to go dancing on the frozen lake, but unfortunately the ice broke and all guests fell into the freezing cold water.

The Frauenstein (Lady Stone) lies to the east of Falkenstein's lakefront and is only accessible from the water. In a rocky alcove that rises from the lake, a figure of the Virgin Mary has been placed. The story of the stone woman goes back to a myth about the birth of a princess.