Hiking around the Wolfgangsee

The trains and ships of SchafbergBahn and WolfgangseeSchifffahrt bring you to some of the best walking paths and hiking trails in the region. Enjoy your hiking experience and don't forget suitable shoes.

Detailed hiking maps are available in our shop at the base station of the SchafbergBahn. 

Hiking trails on the Schafberg:

To the summit:

... to Schafbergalpe: Trail No. 20
... via Purtschellersteig: Trail No. 17
... via Vormauer: Trail No. 27
... via Auerriesenweg: Trail No. 25

To Schafbergalpe ...

... via Tal: Trail No. 23
... via Scharfling/Holzinger: Trail No. 17
... to St. Gilgen: Trail No. 20

Hiking map of the different routes

  • Walking time: 1 hour

    This is a well marked trail with signs along the way. Enjoy walking through lovely woods and meadows with beautiful views of the Wolfgangsee.

    Starting at the church in St. Wolfgang, walk down the street in a western direction, until you reach the crossroads at Wolfgangerhof. From there keep right and then, after the Försterhof, turn right again.

    Once you are on the steep trail, continue towards Jausenstation Aschinger, but turn left just a bit before you reach it and follow the road to the Rieder Steig. The path then goes slightly uphill, afterwards downhill, until you reach the Falkensteinweg with a signpost. Keep to the left and walk down to the lake. From there, turn right again and after a few minutes you have successfully reached the boat pier at Ferienhort-Ried.

  • Walking time: About 5 hours

    You start in St. Wolfgang and then follow the shoreline towards St. Gilgen. En route you will pass through Strobl and eventually complete the loop around the lake by returning to St. Wolfgang. There is only one short climb of about 200m/656ft between Ried and Fürberg. The path along the lake is also quite popular with cross-country runners and once a year features a well-known race. By the way, the record race time is just around 90 minutes, but casual walkers will require longer for the 27 km long loop. The entire way is well marked.

  • Walking time 5 hours

    This is an easy hike with beautiful views of the valley. The total altitude differential along the way is 900 m. Be sure to bring along proper trekking shoes, food and drink!

    From the church in St. Wolfgang walk westward to the post office, and then turn right towards the stables. Shortly before reaching a signpost you will come along some farmhouses. From there continue through a forested area to Auerriesenalm, located some 971 m above sea level.  Carry on along the narrow path through the forest to the pristine Mönichsee, which has an altitude of 1300 m. This lovely Alpine lake is surrounded by ancient woodland. From here continue southeast to the Vormaueralm. Once there, you will see a flat road, surrounded by green pastures and little huts. Now the elevated Vormauergipfel can be reached within a short amount of time. The descent back to St. Wolfgang leads over a steep mountain road, which starts a bit southwest of the huts and finally ends in the town center.

  • Walking time 2 hours

    This easy walk only covers an altitude differential of 250m/820ft, but comfortable trekking shoes are still required.

    From St. Wolfgang walk westward, until you arrive in Ried. Alternately, you could also take your car as far as Ried. Once there, you will notice a moderately steep path that leads to the Falkenstein church. Much of this route follows a historic pilgrimage path, which dates back to the Middle Ages. There are several scenic viewpoints along the way. Be sure to take time to enjoy the sights and scenes around the church. Eventually a steep path will lead you from the church down to the inn at Fürberg, where you will also find the boat pier. 

  • Walking time 3.5 hours

    Climb to the very top of the Schafberg and enjoy the continuously changing views as you get higher and higher! Once you reach the top, you are rewarded with an amazing 360 degree panorama. Be sure to bring good hiking shoes or even Alpine boots. Refreshments are available at the Schafbergalm and at the summit. 

    From the church in St. Wolfgang walk along the Sternenallee past the Försterhof until you reach the Jausenstation Aschinger. Continue along the wide path through the woods towards Dorneralm. This will take you about 90 minutes. Then go further through the forest to the Schafbergalm, where there is a restaurant and you will also notice the small station of the SchafbergBahn. After crossing the railway tracks twice, the path leads as a steep trail through lovely open meadows up to the so-called "Krapfl". From there you will already see the summit and it’s just a short way to the top.

  • Hiking time: 4 hours

    Refreshments are available at the summit. Please note that this steep hike is very demanding and should only be completed by sure-footed climbers with significant experience and without vertigo. Mountain equipment is essential and much of the trail is on edge.

    Walk from St. Wolfgang to Mönichsee, just as described above, then turn left when you reach a fork in the road.  Go left once more and then the Purtschellersteig will begin. Initially this incline crosses a steep mountain side, before veering along a steep cliff. Be sure to use a safety rope at this point, it is essential! Eventually you will notice the entrance to a cave. Immediately afterwards, the trail forks off again. To the left you can reach the Schafbergalm, to right there is another steep incline, which leads directly to the summit of the Schafberg

  • Hiking time: 3.5 hours

    This hike is for experts only. Be sure to bring good gear and solid boots as you will encounter rocky terrain. Refreshments are available at the summit of the Schafberg as well as at Schafbergalpe.  

    From the Himmelspforte summit house make your way to the notch in the west. You will notice the archway with the "Himmelpforte” inscription. Then you can descend via the north side, past rocky terrain. At this point you will need the aid of a rope. Once you reach the ridge further down you will also notice several vertical walls and steep cliffs on the north face of the mountain. Eventually you will reach a signpost where the trail branches off to Eisenaualm.

    Further to the right you will notice some lakes, the small Suassensee, the picturesque Mittersee and the famed Mönichsee. Continue the steep way down until you reach the Mönichsee at an elevation of 1300 m/4265 ft. Just a bit before the banks of the lake, turn right onto the Purtschellersteig. Now you will cross another steep mountainside and then a rock wall, where rope assistance will once again be essential. At one point you will then reach a cave, followed by a fork in the trail. By turning left you can reach the Schafbergalm, by turning right you would eventually end up again at the top of the summit, after a less challenging hike back up.

  • Hiking time: 2.5 hours

    Solid walking shoes are required for this hike with an intermediate difficulty level. There are some steep gradients on the descent. Refreshments are available at the Jausenstation Aschinger.

    From the summit station of the SchafbergBahn, take the narrow path through the open meadows, then go down a set of stairs to Schafbergalm. From there a grassy ridge leads to the southwest, until you reach a fork in the road. Go left and start descending through the forest to the beautiful Dorneralm. From there, follow the path to the right until you reach a bend, then keep to the left and pass through some more lovely meadows before you reach Jausenstation Aschinger. In case you like, you can have refreshments at this quaint little hut. If you wish to keep walking, it’s just a short distance to St. Wolfgang. 

  • Hiking time: 3 hours

    This hike is for experts only. There are no inns or restaurants along the way, be sure to take along proper gear as well as food and drink.

    From the summit station of the SchafbergBahn take the narrow path towards the southeast, cross the railway tracks and walk in the direction of Schafbergalm. At some point you will pass a small cave on the left side of the trail. Shortly afterwards you will need your safety rope as you descend along a vertical rock wall, which is extremely steep. This is followed by another tricky crossing near the Mönichsee. Once you have mastered that, take the fork to the right through the woods down to Aurriesenalm. Past another forest you will eventually reach the valley and then St. Wolfgang. 

  • Hiking time: 2.5 hours  

    This is truly an easy walk on wide roads and only covers an altitude differential of 200 m/656 feet. Refreshments are available at the Fürberg inn or at several restaurants in Ried.

    Set off from the town church and walk on the Mondsee road near the shore towards Brunnwinkel. Then you will notice a beautiful path right along the lake which leads towards the inn at Fürberg. Keep following this path and it will lead you past several pretty lookout points as well as some historic chapels. Eventually you will reach the village of Ried, from where the road along the shore leads to St. Wolfgang. If you need to return from St. Wolfgang to St. Gilgen, we recommend a relaxing boat ride!

  • Hiking time: 3 hours

    This hike is moderately difficult and proper boots are required.

    Set off from the town church and cross two busy roads in the direction of Mondsee. After a short climb and an ensuing descent, cross the busy road once more and proceed to the right on a narrow street until you reach the Waldschenke inn. From there the trail continues through the forest to the Schafbergalm at an elevation of 1364 m. You will also notice the tracks of the SchafbergBahn at this point. Walk through the open meadows to reach the area known as the “Krapfl” and then it’s just another short way to the top.