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Overview Events 2018

Beer & Dine

Enjoy Ahoi! On board of the MS Salzburg, fine beers from the Stiegl-Gut Wildshut, an austrian brewery, are tasted as part of Beer & Dine.

Accompanied by a "beer" five-course menu, a Stiegl-Beersommelier introduces into the world of hops, malt and water.

Live music is played for each course.

Even without alcohol a treat: the refreshing organic limonades with malt flavor.

Dates: 14 July and 11 August 2018
Departure: 7 pm, St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn
Price: Adults € 85.00 Children (4-14) € 60.00

For reservations please call +43 6138 / 2232-0 or send an email

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Pirate ship for kids

Pirates, we are back in the sea again in 2018 - with funny pirate limbs, childrens' make-up, crafts and exciting treasure hunting! Each child receives a small snack and a surprise from the pirate treasure.

We look forward to brave and wild pirates (from 4 years).

Dates: 26 July, 2 and 9 August 2018
Departure: 3 p.m., St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn (until around 5 p.m.)
Price: Children (4-14): € 14.00 Adults € 17.50

Children can only be accompanied by parents or a parent!

For reservations please call +43 6138 / 2232-0 or send an email

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Moonlight ride

The submerging sun and the rising full moon: two natural games, which are especially impressive at the summit of the Schafberg. Also included: "Valentin" musician in the Hotel Schafbergspitze and a traditional drink.

Dates: 28 June, 27 July and 26 August 2018
Departure: 6 p.m., Return: 9:30 p.m.
Adults: € 37.00
Children (4-14): € 18.50

For reservations please call +43 6138 / 2232-0 or send an email. Reservations requested by 5 p.m. of the day before!


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Specialty Weeks

How could it possibly be more marvelous than this? Enjoy delicious local specialties along with one of the most beautiful views in Austria. At Hotel Schafbergspitze (1,783 m), the Pasch family serve local specialties, including crispy pork roasts with cabbage and potato dumplings. And enjoy a comfortable ride up and down the mountain on the SchafbergBahn.

Dates: 17 September to 30 September 2018


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Pirnis Plattenkiste

Dancing to the old records: Reinhard Pirnbacher presents rarities on shellac
and vinyl, which invite to swing.

At the Schafberg

  • Date: 11 May 2018
  • Departure: 6:30 pm, St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn, Return 11:30 pm
  • Price: € 15.00
  • Reservation required!

At the Ship

  • Date: 26 July, 2 and 9 August 2018
  • Departure: 7:30 pm, Gschwendt Parkplatz
  • Price: € 15.00
  • Reservation required!

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Night on the Schafberg

Enthroned atop the Schafberg is Austria’s oldest mountain hotel, actually built around 30 years before the SchafbergBahn (1862). Here, guests enjoy both the tranquility of a night in the mountains and the comforts of a cozy hotel at 1,783 m above sea level.

Price Adults: € 89.00

Price Children (4-14 years): € 61.00


- Ascent and descent with the SchafbergBahn

- Overnight stay and breakfast at the Hotel Schafbergspitze

BOOKING: or + 43 6138/3542


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Vintage steam trains

Vintage steam trains (built 1893 and 1894)

Every Sunday from 8 July to 2 September 2018 

Ride from St. Wolfgang to the Schafberg mountain.

Ride Up
St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn 9:30 a.m.
Schafbergspitze 10:55 a.m.

Ride Down
Schafbergspitze 1:25 p.m.
St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn 2:50 p.m.

Price per person (incl. drink for the ride up)
Adults 46.00
Children 28.00
Groups per person 44.00

Children may travel free of charge if they do not require their own seat. For safety reasons, children 4 and up must occupy their own seat. 


The 125-year-old steam-powered cog locomotives are some of the oldest in the world that are still in operation. Since fewer and fewer businesses have the necessary expertise, almost all repairs are done at the workshop in St. Wolfgang. Each journey requires about four hours of preparation time. A trip up and down the mountain consumes about 500 kg of coal and 3,000 l of water.

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Nostalgic paddle wheeler "Kaiser Franz Josef I."

The elegant paddle wheeler "Kaiser Franz Josef I." provides passengers with a travel experience like in the late 19th century. Experience this delightful vessel of original 1873 vintage on a public cruise during the high season or charter it for your own private function.

From 7 July to 2 September 2018, as posted at the ferry landings (additional charge).

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19. Schafberg Run - Man against Machine

This traditional event pits man against machine and is considered as one of the toughest mountain races in Austria. Runners battle the 26% gradient as they attempt to overcome 1240 vertical meters faster than the steam locomotives. See the results from the most recent race below.

Date: 27 May 2018


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NEW: Whisky & Dine

Whether cheers, chin-chin or prost! At the Fine & Dining events hosted by WolfgangseeSchifffahrt, every evening is certain to be an utterly delectable experience. Learn fascinating facts about whisky and enjoy a gourmet dinner menu. Whisky tasting with expert Alexander Huprich.

Dates: 21 July and 28 July 2018

Prices: Adults € 99.00, children € 74.00

Ship casts off for all events: 7 p.m., “St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn” boat landing and lasts ca. 3 hours.

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NEW: Music & Dine

Enjoy a 3-course gourmet dinner menu and treat your ears to “buoyant” music as you bob gently on Wolfgangsee.

Dates: 4  and 18 August 2018

Prices: Adults € 65.00, children € 40.00

Ship casts off for all events: 7 p.m., “St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn” boat landing and lasts ca. 3 hours.

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